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Coming Soon: Free Headset Trial Request for B-Side Customers


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Get your trial slot and get the best pre-sales service from our upcoming free headset request form. Find the best headset and solution for your organization's current situation.

Many companies are faced with the situation of purchasing headsets in large quantities, but many websites do not provide free sample request forms, resulting in many purchasers needing to spend a lot of time and cost in choosing a headset that really suits their organization. This is not the situation we want to see, wantek after considering the needs of large customers, so in the website launched a free trial application form, you can submit your trial application here.

You can submit your trial application here. And you don't have to return it to our warehouse after completion, the sample will be sent to you free of charge.

But please note that only customers who submit an application and meet our conditions can apply for a free headset sample, the following are the precautions for submitting an application

  • The maximum number of single applications for a single customer is 5
  • Please make sure that the information you submit is true and reliable.
  • Samples will be sent out three working days after the form information is reviewed and approved
  • Sample application is completely free of charge, there will be no charge behavior.
  • Samples do not need to be sent back, you can leave them and do not need to pay for them.
  • After the trial is completed, we will issue some questionnaires for you, please rest assured that none of your information will appear on our website, we collect questionnaires only to improve our customer experience.
  • If you want to buy in bulk with higher discount after the trial is completed, please contact our online customer service or after-sales email.


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Order with confidence! Most products come with a minimum

1 year warranty on most products. And, most corded headsets come with a

3-year warranty from date of purchase on most corded headsets.