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Advantages of Boom Mic Headsets


Ablitt Brown |

If you're torn between buying a new pair of headsets for work scenarios, think about a boom microphone headset. For the advantages it holds, you'll know the truth here.

Microphone headsets are great for work, giving privacy, improving focus, and reducing background noise. The outcome depends on the microphone type you pick. The Boom microphone headset, in turn, crushes the rest of the competition and becomes the top choice for picking an office headset.


So, what is the Boom Mic Headset?

Using headsets in business work will bring visible changes and enhancements. Using a hands-free device can boost productivity and work efficiency, unlike holding a phone while taking a call. But the choice of headset also needs more consideration. 

You will come across the choice between boom microphones and inline microphones when purchasing a headset.

Designers create embedded microphones to be built into the controller on the cable. This design is durable, but it can create a bothersome noise when it rubs against your clothes while you move. This noise can interrupt your conversation.

Boom microphones attach to the end of a boom, unlike embedded microphones. This microphone is commonly used for recording audio. Stable, focused, and provides the recorder with more control over the sound. 

The boom microphone offers the same advantages when integrated into a headset. The microphone can be repositioned to ensure sound quality is not compromised.

Suppose a sales rep needs to pick up a document or pen while working. The microphone can be moved to the best position to consistently pick up sound while moving. This helps to make your voice sound more professional and shows that you can work well.

An in-depth look at the mic headsets

When choosing between a boom microphone headset and an inline microphone headset, you should consider various factors. Overall, both the design and quality of the headset are important. To get the most bang for your buck, you may need to strike the right balance between the two. This is especially true when making a bulk purchase of headsets for your team.

For smaller groups focused on sound quality or reducing noise, here are the top options I recommend and why. 


Wantek H786 2-in-1 Online Control USB Headset for Work 

wantek headset h786 2-in-1 usb hedset for work/office/team meeting

Difficult to overlook is the strength of Wantek's latest headset, the H786. This innovative 2-in-1 inline headset provides a reliable connection and exceptional audio quality. 

Listed below are the advantages of the Wantek H786 2-in-1 online control USB headset for work.

  • It makes your headset compatible with more devices with no loss of sound quality!
  • Even in a noisy office, this noise-canceling boom microphone headset delivers clear sound.
  • Provides up to 24 hours of comfortable wear.

The Wantek H786 2-in-1 Online Control USB Headset for Work truly excels in sound quality and noise reduction. Whether you're in a small group setting or simply want to enjoy crystal-clear audio, this headset is the perfect choice.