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Why should you buy an office headset?

Why should you buy an office headset?

Ablitt Brown |

Office headset are an essential part of the modern office environment, which frees up the hands and helps to improve work efficiency. In addition, professional office headsets in call centers and offices can significantly reduce the time of a single call, increase the number of calls per unit of time, and enhance the company's image. Office headsets free up both hands and make communication easier.


Type of office headset

RJ headset

RJ headsets are the type of headsets that work with desk phones. However, they come in various interface types (RJ9, RJ11, RJ12, etc.), though this does not limit your headset options. We can still find binaural and monaural RJ headsets compatible with various desk phones.

DECT headset

DECT headsets are usually used in offices and designed to work with a specific telephone system. Typically, DECT headsets are connected to the telephone line via a base station.


How do you choose an office headset suit for you?

Call quality

The most crucial factor is the sound quality during calls. After all, you will be using your office headset for work, affecting your productivity and work output, so you cannot afford to compromise on sound quality.

call quality of headset


Office headsets need to be worn for long periods, so they must be comfortable. Choosing a headset weighing less than 200g is a good idea. These headsets are often specially designed to optimize the material and wearing experience, with thick, soft, over-the-ear synthetic leather ear cushions that ensure all-day comfort and minimize the strain on the human ear.


Different offices use different hardware and software solutions, so finding office headsets that work right out of the box is vital. This reduces costs for the organization and allows administrators to more efficiently manage the company's public equipment on a large scale.

Level of noise cancelling

The general can reach more than 50 decibels depending on the office environment. For the need to communicate in a quiet environment for work, you also need to carefully consider the noise reduction function of the headset, which will save you valuable communication time, rather than meaningless "please repeat".

Wired or wireless

While some employees prefer to take calls at their desks, it's becoming more common for office workers to walk around with a headset while working. This allows them to consult with a colleague on the other side of the office or pick up an important document without hanging up.

For maximum flexibility, it makes sense to invest in a Bluetooth headset that allows you to connect wirelessly and switch seamlessly between the two devices.

How do you wear office headphones properly?

Call center headset is used by agents in the call center frequently. Whether they are BPO headset or wireless headphones for call center, they all need to have the correct way of wearing them. Otherwise, it is easy to cause damage to the ears.


Headset For Call Center Agents Wearing Method 

It is not difficult to wear and adjust the office headset. The headset should be put on, and the head clip should be modified appropriately so that it is pressed against the skull above the ears rather than against the ears.

The angle of office headset for business calls can be rotated appropriately so that they can be smoothly attached to the top of the ears along the angle. The microphone boom should be rotated (please do not forcibly rotate the built-in stop point) to extend it to 2cm in front of the lower lip.



A good call/meeting quality often has a significant impact, and ignoring these little things can cost you some opportunities, from all perspectives, choosing the correct headset for your office is one of the best investment decisions you can make.