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Best Practices For Choosing Office Headsets

Best Practices For Choosing Office Headsets

Ablitt Brown |

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If you are involved in management or work in a call center, you probably know that the headsets used by call center agents are becoming more and more advanced. It's important to recognize that what works well for one agent may not meet the needs of another. Let's be honest here.

In today's world, both physical and virtual call centers need top-notch headsets to ensure the well-being of employees and customers.

That's why it's critical for your organization to explore different options and find the best headset model for your call center agents. Additionally, in a call center with a bustling open office layout, too much background noise and chatter can be distracting and incredibly annoying.

A great headset designed for call centers helps minimize these distractions and often includes a microphone to ensure uninterrupted and clear audio during long conversations. However, sometimes you may need additional tools to achieve the desired audio quality. We will explore this issue in more depth in the following sections.

1/Why it Is Important For Call Centers To Have the Right Headsets

Having the right headsets for your call center agents can significantly impact their effectiveness, performance, and productivity. We all know how noisy call centers can be, and that noise can seriously disrupt clear communication over the phone.

Even if you have just a few people in one room, talking over each other becomes a major issue when dealing with customers. If your call center representatives are using uncomfortable or cumbersome headsets that distract them or hinder their ability to listen and communicate clearly during calls, their productivity and efficiency will suffer.

On the other hand, call center headsets that provide excellent sound quality, microphone clarity, and a comfortable fit can greatly enhance multitasking during calls. This in turn leads to happier customers who receive prompt and accurate assistance.

2/Best Criteria for Choosing Headsets for Your Call Center


Since headsets are vital for the smooth operation of your call center, durability and quality are crucial factors that should not be overlooked. Headsets that break easily can hamper call center efficiency and increase frustration among your agents and employees. Look for reliable solutions made of top-quality materials, such as surgical steel, to ensure long-lasting performance.

Noise Cancellation

Consider using noise-canceling headsets in your call center. They help suppress outside noise and prevent interruptions during conversations with customers. With these headsets, you can listen to customers at lower volumes, potentially preserving your hearing. It's fantastic, isn't it?

Effective noise-canceling headphones not only provide a physical barrier against sounds, whether they're in-ear or over-ear. They also incorporate technology like active noise canceling (ANC), which is especially valuable in call centers and environments with constant low-range noise.

High-quality active noise cancelation is often found in premium-priced offerings from industry titans. However, the good news is that your call center can utilize software solutions like Krisp to improve communication clarity by muting background noise. 

You can easily pair the Krisp app with any call center headsets. It seamlessly integrates with call center telephony platforms and works effectively with various headsets and microphones. In addition to blocking out unwanted noises, Krisp also eliminates echoes and removes irrelevant voices, leaving only the main speaker's voice.


Remember, the comfort of the headset is just as important as its durability. When selecting a headset for your employees, keep their comfort in mind.

You're probably aware that your call center agents put in long hours, and their headset is one of their most essential tools. It's crucial for them to feel motivated and inspired during conversations with callers. The last thing they need is a heavy or clumsy headset.

The best headsets for call centers are designed for extended use and offer comfort. Look for models with comfortable ear cushions and consider lightweight options with padded headbands. This helps alleviate pressure on the top of the head. Opt for headsets made of light materials and featuring ergonomic designs.

Design and Technology

This is another important factor to consider. A well-designed and sturdy headset should incorporate the latest audio technology. 

The good news is that there are various types of headsets available for call centers, including single and dual earpieces, as well as behind-the-ear or over-the-head styles. Dual earpieces are commonly used in call centers to ensure optimal audio quality for both the employee and the caller. 

Keep in mind that premium features that guarantee a seamless customer experience often come with a higher price tag.