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Best Budget Wired Headset For Calls

best budget wired headset for work

Ablitt Brown |

The importance of a good wired headset for calls

Communication plays a pivotal role in both our personal and professional lives. With the increasing reliance on remote work, virtual meetings, and the need to stay connected, having a reliable and high-quality wired headset for calls has become more important than ever.

What to Look for in a Budget Wired Headset

Sound quality

Budget can be a headache and no one doesn't want to find better sounding headphones within a limited budget. Of course, wantek hsm881 and hsm882 have a very good performance, they use 40mm dynamic coils, so you can enjoy the audio quality across the board!

When talking on the phone, the clearer the sound quality, the smoother your conversation will go. You won't have to worry about repeating a sentence many times, your voice will be crisp, loud and clear. I think this is exactly what a professional business corded headset should be. Not to mention that this is an affordable headset that will give you a professional level of enjoyment!

Noise cancellation

Working in an environment where the quality of your microphone is one of the key factors in the smooth running of your work, it is important that you have not only clear sound quality for your calls, but also excellent noise cancellation. Whether you're working in a noisy coffee shop or at home with children and barking pets, the HSM881K and HSM882K excel at noise cancellation!

When you have an important business call, you really don't want your background noise to be recorded, which can be distracting to your interlocutor and affect the effectiveness of your communication. For the best and most productive calls, you need to take a look at the HSM881K and HSM882K. When you are on a call, your background noise will be filtered out by more than 80%, which is definitely the best choice for a headset in this price range.

Comfort and durability

Most jobs require us to sit in the same position for long periods of time, and a comfortable headset will make a difference. If you wear a hard, pinchy headset for a long time, you may get a headache after a long day's work, or even lose sleep at night.

The HSM881K and HSM882K are ergonomically designed and made from skin-friendly materials and recyclable plastic. With multiple adjustable sections, you can find the right fit for you with great freedom.


Corded headsets are used today for their own reasons. Headsets with a corded connection minimize loss of audio quality and latency, making them the most cost-effective option for offices in fixed locations.

Unlike wireless connections, a wired connection retains the original audio quality to the greatest extent possible, and is less susceptible to interference from the wireless magnetic fields of surrounding devices, resulting in a more stable connection.

With a usb or 3.5mm connection, you get:

  • A better, more reliable connection
  • Better sound quality
  • More durable quality

 So if you have a need for a better connection with better audio quality, please consider  a wired connection headset.

More jack type available

There is no doubt that the biggest advantage of HSM881K and HSM882K if it is not mentioned, then it will be my mistake, it is with an 2 IN 1 jack, it can easily cope with a variety of different jack, in general, adapted to computers, cell phones and other devices that have a USB interface and 3.5mm interface, of course, it can be added an extra USB to Type-C adapter cable, which can make your choices become more choices, the use of a wider range.

But please note that the Type-C adapter cable does not come with the package.


The HSM881K and HSM882K are priced between $34.99 and $36.99 depending on whether you order the monaural or binaural model, and they cost as little as $1.03 per month to use when you consider that the headsets have a lifespan of 3 years.

That's a very attractive price for a multi-purpose headset, and he also gives you a 3-year warranty, so aside from the human factor and replaceable parts not covered by the warranty, you're basically guaranteed that you'll have a headset that works for 3 years. All things considered, this is an excellent headset for the best budget.


The Wantek HSM881K and HSM882K is the perfect corded headset for those who spend time on business calls and want a work headset at an affordable price.