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Single Ear Headset or Dual Ear Headset?

Single Ear Headset or Dual Ear Headset?

Ablitt Brown |

When it comes to buying a new headset, there are always many choices to be made, such as whether to choose monaural or binaural, which may seem like an insignificant decision, but in reality, the wearing experience and the feeling of using the headset makes a big difference!

Today, we will discuss in this blog what kind of working environment and needs, using monaural or binaural headsets to make a reasonable choice.


Single Ear Headset

Single-ear headsets, with a microphone and one earpiece, are used for communication while staying aware of surroundings. They're favoured by call agents and truck drivers who need to stay connected to their environment.


Dual Ear Headset

Dual-ear headsets, also known as binaural headsets, come equipped with both headphones and a microphone. Opting for these headsets is the ideal choice when you aim to immerse yourself in your audio environment fully. Gamers, in particular, favour binaural headsets to maintain focus during gameplay, as they effectively block out distracting background noise, ensuring they stay competitive and in the zone.


How to Choose Between Single Ear or Dual Ear Headset?

Let us list some examples to see the difference between them. Different people have different working environments and working conditions.


-Some people work from home

We default to a quiet environment in your home, but if you have more people in your home, pets, etc... We still recommend that you use a dual-ear headset with a noise-cancelling microphone. 

-Some people work in an open office environment

They need to communicate with their coworkers any times, but customers also ask us questions face-to-face any times. Facing unexpected customers and the need for unimpeded communication with coworkers. That's when you need a mono headset.

-Some people work in a busy and oftentimes loud Call Center

Loud noise may distract you from important customer calls when you need to consider not interfering with regular communication with customers—dual ear headset and binaural headsets, with noise-cancelling microphone and special in-line features. You may also lose sales opportunities when you are unable to listen to your customers. In this case, you need a binaural headset to easily hear your customers and focus on the call.

-Some people work in a private office

Congratulations, you have a lot of choices. You don't have to worry about being disturbed by noise. All you need to worry about is the call's smoothness and the headset's comfort.


Single ear or dual ear, it’s hard to know for sure; single ear headset, or mono headset is suited for those times when the noise levels are low. But when the noise levels are high, the dual ear headset or binaural headset is perfect.


The best single-ear headset: Wantek H681

The Wantek h681 is a high-quality monaural headset. These headsets are suitable for workers who want to keep talking without being isolated from their surroundings.


For example, counter staff need to communicate with their warehouse colleagues at all times. They are also unable to detach themselves from their surroundings, with customers coming in to communicate at any time, and many workplaces prohibit staff from using cell phones while on duty. In this type of situation, a monaural headset should be used.


The best dual ear headset: Wantek H682

Wantek H682 is a binaural headset for noisy working environments. Below are some of the features of the Wantek H682 binaural headset. Note that there is only a difference in the wearing style between the H681 and the H682; other than that, there is no change in the features and interface type.

Crystal clear calls

Wideband Sound headset enables a natural listening experience and features Noise Cancelling Microphone to reduce background noise. Every word comes through crystal clear for you and the other parties.


Made of plastic, the frosted black design is simple but not bulky, and the single headset weighs only 230g, making it suitable for long periods of wear without headset dent.

Noise cancelling

The Wantek h682 contains a protein leather cushion that blocks out background sounds. These ear cushions cover both ears so that background ambient noise cannot reach your ears. Also, our microphone is directional and has a noise-isolating microphone. Many call centre agents prefer this headset because they want to disconnect from their surroundings. In addition, agents can focus on the conversation with the customer.

All-day wearing comfortable

Wantek H682 brings no burden to your head and ear. Super soft protein leather cushion and 90°Rotatable earpiece enhance all-day wearing comfort. Adjustable headband to fit all head size.

330 degree rotation boom mic

The 330 degree rotatable boom microphone gives you more room for adjustment. You can rotate the microphone and set it to the perfect angle. When you are not on the phone, you can move the microphone to a comfortable position.



Whether you choose a monaural or binaural headset depends on your environment and personal preferences. As you can see from the examples above, one headset is not suitable for all situations, and if you have a higher budget, consider purchasing headsets for both styles.