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Looking to snag some Headsets for your entire staff?  Well, good news: we’ve got you (and all of them) covered.

  • H31 serise

    The most classic wired headset in Wantek store, with reliable quality and favorable price

  • H60 series

    The best-selling product series in Wantek store, affordable price and reliable quality, the most repurchased headset in the store

  • H68 series

    The upgraded version of the 60 series headset, with better product quality and better call quality

Applicable to all Wantek products currently on sale:

Enjoy added discounts and premium equipment for your company with bulk purchases.We are looking forward to hearing from you.

  • Buy 10 or more Wantek headsets and save 10%.
  • Buy 50 or more Wantek headsets and save 20%.

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