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Office Headset Buying Guide 2023

office headset buying guide 2023

Ablitt Brown |

Nowadays, many people work from home, where they may encounter background noise that can disrupt their focus. In such situations, an office headset can be highly advantageous for individuals working in any office environment or at home with high levels of noise. These headsets are specifically designed to assist people in work settings by eliminating distractions and enhancing overall productivity. The purpose of this guide is to provide you with information on selecting the right RJ9 headset for your IP phone. So, let's get started.

H682 noise-cancelling


Office headsets have emerged as a practical solution for conducting workplace calls while maintaining situational awareness. Many office headsets are designed with audio production focused on a single side, leaving the other side open. This enables wearers to remain aware of their surroundings before, during, and after calls.

Unlike standard headphones that require constant removal and replacement, using one ear for calls while keeping the other ear open for conversations is a more convenient approach. It proves to be an efficient solution for busy professionals seeking to optimize their workflow.

Moreover, numerous office headsets come equipped with integrated buttons that facilitate streamlined call management without the need to access a phone or computer. These controls are specifically designed to prioritize calling functions. In contrast, standard earbuds and headsets typically prioritize music playback, resulting in limited call functionality through remote control.

Ergonomic design

In the realm of office equipment, there exists a fundamental design principle known as ergonomics. Furniture and tools that are crafted with ergonomics in mind are aimed at improving work efficiency by promoting proper posture and minimizing muscle discomfort, among other benefits. Office headsets, in particular, excel in providing exceptional comfort for extended periods of use.

While traditional headphones may offer a certain level of comfort, office headsets are specifically engineered with the expectation that they will be worn throughout the entire day. These headsets prioritize user comfort by offering flexible wearing options and a snug fit around the ears, ensuring an optimized experience.

Audio quality

Having clear and high-quality audio during calls is essential for establishing strong relationships with clients or colleagues, as well as facilitating productive conversations. Misunderstanding or mishearing the other person's words can result in stress and frustration, leading to the need for repeated communication. To prevent such issues, it is crucial to prioritize the optimization of audio quality in your office headset. The level of audio clarity directly impacts your ability to hear and comprehend the person you are speaking with.

single ear RJ9 office headset

Microphone quality

The quality of the microphone is just as crucial as the audio quality, especially when it comes to office headsets. After all, if your voice isn't transmitted clearly, the conversation can become unproductive and opportunities may be missed. To avoid these undesirable outcomes, it is essential to ensure that your microphone meets the necessary standards.

Assessing microphone quality can be a bit challenging, but there are effective methods to help you evaluate it. One option is to have someone call you and engage in a conversation while using your headset. This way, you can gauge how well your voice is transmitted and identify any adjustments that may be required. Another approach is to read online reviews that discuss the microphone's performance in various environments. By following these steps, you can have confidence that your office headset will enable clear and effective communication with others.

Warranty Policy

An excellent office headset should come with a comprehensive after-sales policy and a reasonable period of free after-sales service, typically lasting one year. This warranty should cover most repairs without charge, with only exceptional circumstances excluded. If the office headset you are considering does not meet these conditions, it would be advisable to choose an alternative option. Opting for a headset with a warranty period exceeding one year would be beneficial, as it allows for convenient and maximum protection of your rights and interests throughout the warranty duration.


Q: Is wearing headphones at work unprofessional?

The professionalism of wearing headphones at work varies depending on your job and work culture. It is crucial to convey to your colleagues that you are focused on your tasks, but headphones can be beneficial if you find enjoyment in listening to music or ambient noise while working on projects. Additionally, headphones can enhance your ability to hear and engage with coworkers during virtual meetings.

Q: Do noise-canceling headphones or headsets block all sound?

No, noise-cancelling headphones or headsets are specifically designed to analyze and eliminate frequencies within a specific range. Even when active noise cancellation is enabled and you're not playing any audio, you may still perceive some external sounds. However, with a well-implemented ANC circuit, if you're listening to audio at a moderate level while active noise cancellation is enabled, you might not hear any other external noises.