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5 Reasons Why You Should Update To The New Wantek Wireless Headset-T2L

5 Reasons Why You Should Update To The New Wantek Wireless Headset-T2L

Ablitt Brown |

From the office to your home, noise is always the annoying thing to us. Most people think about how they could break away from it. The good news is that markets have many wireless headsets with noise-cancelling mic. But it creates other questions: which one should you choose?

That’s why we talk about Wantek T2L Today, Shall we go?

The First Premium Audio Headset of Wantek

The wireless headset features specially tuned, large-diameter 45 mm drivers that bring studio-quality sound to every meeting detail. With its closed-back earcups and switchable 7.1 surround sound, the T2L is designed to take you even deeper into the conversation.

Premium Audio Headset

Enhanced Noise-Canceling Microphone

Almost every wireless headset owns ANC noise-cancelling technology, but not every headset can do this-filter over 90% background noise. And that is why we talk about it, And don’t go away. It has its secret weapon.

The Wantek T2L microphone mutes when you raise the microphone boom arm and turns back on when you return it to the home position.  

Skin-Friendly Synthetic Leather and Adjustable Headset Band

The Wantek T2L comes with 2 skin-friendly textile materials to enhance the wearing experience. 

adjustable headset band make you work well all day. and it means that you could even suit some “big head”, which is the main consideration to them.

Buttons with Multi Functions

The Wantek T2L has built-in 2 control buttons on the left ear cups. That changed with the new Wantek T2L because the buttons have all been consolidated into one ear cup. This is helpful because you now have all the buttons located in one place rather than having to remember which buttons are on which side of the headset. 

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Longer Battery Life

The Wantek T2L gives you up to 30 hours talk time . This assumes that the Passive Noise Cancellation and LED Light features aren’t activated. But if they are, you still get up to 20 hours of battery life, and 24 hours if you’re using low-latency mode. 

A full battery charge takes 2 hours.

As of the time of this writing, the Wantek T2L has a new lower price of $33.99, and can be found here.

Need Any Help?

Reach out to us here at Wantek, and one of our helpful, knowledgeable Advisors will provide you with a tailored headset solution guaranteed to be compatible with your system. 

We take the mystery out of finding the perfect headset for your specific situation, so contact us today to get started.