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How to replace wantek headset ear cushions?

How to replace wantek headset ear cushions?

Ablitt Brown |

You've probably had enough of using worn-out or warped ear cushions, and I can think of nothing more challenging than that. Luckily, the ear cushions on wantek headsets are removable and replaceable. In this blog, we'll show you how to replace them with new ones to make your headset as good as new again.

Step1. Detach the old ear cushion

Lay your headset flat on a table, grab one side of the ear cushions with your index finger and thumb, and pull gently and firmly, the pad will come off naturally.

Detach the wantek headset old ear cushion

Step2. Clear your Wantek headset speaker

If you have purchased a replacement headset, please ensure that the replacement part of your headset is compatible with your headset model before installing it. After disassembling the headset, gently wipe the speakers with a damp paper towel or wet rag.

Clear your Wantek headset speaker

Step3. Ready to install

The installation of the ear cushions requires a little skill. You need to first snap the ear cushions under the telescopic buckle into the first and then slowly rotate them to install them successfully. All wantek headset replacements can be installed by this method!

Ready to install

Step4. Check for proper installation

Finally, check to see if the installation is successful. All the snaps should be firmly stuck; if there are no stuck snaps, you can adjust again to avoid them because the snaps are not completely fastened to cause the headset to use the ear cushion slipping off.

Check for proper installation